Risk To Your Business

So many companies think about the risk to their IT systems after the fact. But what does technology risk really mean?

If your business relies on information technology systems such as computers and internet services then there is a range of risks you face. Examples can include hardware failure, software corruption, viruses, spam and scams, user error etc. Then there is more targeted threats like hackers, fraud, staff misuse etc.

So think about ‘risk’ before it actually occurs, costs can be enormous in more ways than one, ‘prevention’ is always a healthier approach.

Disaster Recovery ASAP

‘Disaster Recovery’ is a term frequently used in the world of business and Information Technology.

How long can you afford to be down? What is the cost to your business? What will you staff do without access to your systems? All these questions and more are often posed to business.

The above section titled ‘Risks’ discussed what could happen, but after a disaster has occurred how quickly can a business recover? This depends on what steps have been put in place beforehand. How are backups managed? Locally or Offsite? Is there replication happening to another site? How quickly can live systems be brought back up? Within seconds, several minutes, two hours or 24 hours? What would your business accept?

All businesses vary in their level of need and the amount of funds they have to spend. The process starts with a discussion with key members to ascertain expectations and then we can propose some options that will fit with your budget.

The Grid regularly installs security products that will protect a business against potential security disasters. If your business experienced a data breach, or was attacked by hackers or scammers, how much money would it stand to lose?