Supporting financial compliance, safeguarding sensitive data, and providing the technology to help your business grow. As a financial services company looking to outsource your IT requirements, it’s important to choose a technology partner who has an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements in the Financial Services industry. We recommend solutions to improve data security, and we can also help you draw up a Security Policy for your business. The threat from cyber criminals is real, and they often succeed through ‘hacking’ people, not systems. This is why we offer ongoing cyber security education and reinforcement for your employees. Compliance with regulations is critical in a financial services business, particularly with regards to technology and data. We ensure we understand all of the regulations you face.

The Grid are highly experienced at tackling operational pain points, and increasing IT productivity. That in turn increases business efficiency and lowers IT running costs.

We do not recommend any technology solutions unless they will keep you compliant.
We can also help you demonstrate your compliance by helping you with business continuity or disaster recovery plans, and security policies.

Data needs to be secure, but it also needs to be quickly and easily recoverable should the worst happen. We aim for a multiple redundancy approach so that data is never lost, and neither is your immediate access to it, in a disaster scenario.

Technology solutions exist to address challenges in every area of business. We’ll sit down with you quarterly, or as often as you want, to discuss your business challenges and recommend technology solutions that can help.

If growth is your focus, we can recommend solutions to help your sales and marketing teams, as well as others to increase efficiency across your organisation. We aim to take away technology related problems so you’re able to focus on growth. Due to our history of working with Financial Services companies, we’ve picked up knowledge of the software you use which helps us support you more effectively.

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