Manufacturing firms today rely on efficient technology to monitor and control production processes and communicate with clients and suppliers, all while reducing expenses and saving valuable time. At The Grid, we understand that technology is key to the success of any manufacturer.

Most manufacturers have a small but nimble group of IT professionals running and maintaining the technology that keeps their business going.

But an event as seemingly minor as an IT staffer taking a vacation or a corporate e-mail system malfunctioning can jeopardise the technological health of the organization — which in turn directly affects your bottom line. And even when you’re not facing such disruptions, special projects like installing or upgrading new software platforms may be simply more than your team can handle. What should you do?

The Grid works closely with you to understand your specific needs. Only then can we develop customized solutions to meet and exceed your manufacturing requirements. We understand and support the wide and local area networking needs of organizations just like yours throughout Australia.

Many people in business believe that what they might spend on an MSP, could be better used elsewhere. But in the long term, that’s rarely true. IT is an ever-changing field of complex technologies that, if not implemented or maintained well, will cost any business dearly.

Our technical consultants have real-time working experience in the manufacturing industry and will apply our expertise to protect your business, quickly resolving any issues that may arise while also ensuring that your systems always run smoothly.

If your MRP or ERP system suddenly goes down, it’s not just an inconvenience; it can quickly turn into a full-blown crisis, and the impact will be felt throughout your company, entire supply chain and beyond. How do you ensure that the technology you rely on is working like it should? By partnering with The Grid – a technical consulting firm that knows the unique challenges the manufacturing industry faces.

The Grid understands how critical and integral MRP/ERP systems are to your manufacturing business. Our technical consultants have years of experience working with all of the leading and industry-standard packages, implementing, correcting and maintaining systems’ uptime. Working remotely, our network specialists can fix corporate email problems in minutes, and ensure that your network connection is always there when you need it.

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