Fully Managed IT covers Four Key Business Areas to take away any Technology Concerns and allows you to Concentrate on your Core Strengths.

1. Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring Preventing Downtime

You’ll experience fewer IT problems due to the constant monitoring and maintenance carried out by our proactive support team.

By keeping a close eye on potential triggers for trouble and planning improvements on an ongoing basis, our team will reduce the number of times IT issues stop your team from working. They will also analyse the root-cause of recurrent problems to avoid repetition.

The majority of support you receive will be proactive, solving problems before they happen and minimising your need for reactive support.


2. Support & Fixing Problems Fast
Immediate support when IT issues disrupt your productivity, getting you working again as quickly as possible.
Our Melbourne based service desk is available 5 days a week and will start working on your requests within 15 minutes from receiving your request. If you’re unable to work at all, we’ll begin fixing your problem immediately.
Faster recovery is achieved by engineers who get to know your systems and specific needs through working in small teams which service the same networks on a regular basis.
3. Eliminating Risk
Your dedicated network administrator will identify vulnerabilities in your systems and any bad security practices in your business processes.
They will ensure you comply with our security best practice checklist, resulting in more secure data and helping you adhere to regulatory compliance standards.
You’ll also be provided with regular service reports and reviews, with analysis of tickets and trends, and recommendations for further improvements to performance and security


4. IT to match your Business Aspirations

With the right advice, technology will help you achieve your business goals, increase efficiency and solve internal challenges.

Your dedicated IT director will take a strategic, long-term view of your business and provide a technology roadmap taking into account your budget projections and targets.

They’ll recommend appropriate technology to automate processes and increase speed and efficiency in any area of your organisation. Having a trusted, technology adviser will ensure your IT is fit for the challenges ahead and give you more time to focus on accomplishing your business aims.