Time Wasted

Why does our business have so many IT related issues? Why are my staff constantly complaining that something does not work? Why is my staff member fixing IT issues and not doing his/her job? Why is this process taking so long? Why can’t I access this information now?

If you have asked any of the above questions, then you have mostly likely wasted resources and time. This can be addressed in a cost effective and flexible way.

Fit Within Your Business

At The Grid Corporation we work with you to come up with a tailored way to improve your time spent on IT without costing another salary! At least two senior consultants are dedicated to your business and operate to fit within your organisation’s structure. Whether that means we liase with the MD, CFO, GM, IT Manager, Admin Staff – we fit within your organisation. 

Let your IT work without issue and let your staff focus on their job and your business. You call and ask for your consultant as if he is part of your business. Our SLA is within 15 minutes of your call you will get to speak to the consultant who knows your site and is not just part of a help desk.  Our personalised service is more about who can help you than sending you off to someone you have never communicated with before.