It’s rare that an SMB has a dedicated IT staff member, or team. That job is usually forced upon someone who might know a little bit more about computers than the average person. It’s up to them to juggle their regular role alongside their IT obligations. This makes it tough for them to perform either role well. But a business that outsources its IT. work to The Grid will never have to rely on a non-IT skilled employee making decisions about its infrastructure. Nor doing so on their own.

Businesses who do have full-time IT employees often struggle to keep them up to date, trained, or aware of changes in cutting-edge technology. These staff handle routine day-to-day maintenance tasks, but lack the skills in areas that require more complexity. By engaging The Grid to partner with its IT team, these firms can leverage expert knowledge and guidance. Their staff will also benefit by utilising The Grids’ advanced level of quality and experienced support.

Our proactive approach
  • Ongoing monitoring to spot problems before they cause an issue.
  • Proactive patching, updates and fixes – in the background, without disrupting you.
  • Trend analysis to catch recurrent themes and fix them.
  • Clear and concise reports, keeping you informed about proactive work carried out.
  • A fast response by an expert engineer when needed

When you do have an IT problem that needs urgent attention, our Melbourne based service desk will respond and have an expert engineer working on your request within 15 minutes.

We divide our staff into smaller teams and assign clients to one team. This means a smaller group of staff get to know your people, systems and the way you work. This results in faster resolution, and a personal touch.

Customer satisfaction

We monitor customer satisfaction very closely. Your feedback is valued, and we will actively ask you for it. If you’re ever less than 100% happy, a team lead or senior manager will personally follow up with a phone call and put it right for you.


All of our engineers are on training and development plans, with clear targets, goals and qualifications. We review these regularly to ensure they’re on track to being achieved, and we set new targets as needed.

One of our core values is “learn something new every day”. We hold educational sessions where more experienced engineers teach our apprentices and first line staff how to solve more complex problems.