Purchasing made simple

Procurement is a key function for businesses of all sizes. At The Grid we have a specialist commodity procurement team that analyse the market for price changes, offers and vendors promotions. We ensure that we are always able to offer the most cost effective pricing.

SMB Customers

For smaller organisation’s we find the best products at the best prices. Highly competitive pricing combined with quick delivery allows our smb customers to react to changes quickly.

Enterprise Customers

For medium to enterprise size customers having complete control of assets allows them to manage growth and productivity. We can help to ensure uniformity and standardisation in our customers purchasing workflow by coordinating with all regional offices to ensure that a single product and solution message is delivered across the business. We will also ensure that requests for “unqualified” products or products that are not on an approved list are notified to managers, rather than being fulfilled.


We look to fit into the procurement and deployment strategy that our customers have in place.

Operations Manager, Mark inside a clients sever room reviewing for Disaster Recovery



Server computing power

Server infrastructure is the backbone of any solid secure network, and we specialise in designing and delivering robust scalable server solutions. We are vendor agnostic and will look at each requirement as truly unique.

We believe that correctly specified server solutions scale as the customer grows. We do not recommend locked-in technology and work to be open source where possible, taking this to the hardware level by utilising open source vendors.

As an independent adviser, although we do not specifically recommend one vendor over another, we do hold partner accreditation’s with all the tier 1 vendors to allow us equal access to each chosen vendor.

Desktop & Workstation

There is often a thin line between high-end desktop computing and workstation devices. As experts in the workstation field, we can help you determine your hardware requirements based on your usage and future plans. We have experience across all the tier 1 and bespoke workstation vendors in this market. So whether you need a desktop workstation, mobile workstation or rack-mount workstation solution, we can find the right product for you.

Software applications for business

Applications like Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud are the lifeblood of companies in almost every sector of industry. Each vendor delivers their software offering in multiple formats, delivery methods and license types. To add more complexity, software pricing tiers, and special offers can add more confusion.

We aim to make the procurement of software as simple as it should be. We will understand your objectives, and help you to fulfil them in the most cost-effective way. We will leverage our understanding of each vendor, and the methods of distribution to create a simple pricing and delivery method for you.

We can also work with you to alleviate the pain of unbudgeted costs, resulting from audit shortfalls. Talk to a specialist member of our team, who will be happy to listen and advise you.

What benefits does it bring to your business?


Improved reliability and speed of recovery.


More secure method of transfer.

Reduce costs

Efficient management and reduced operating expenses.


Smarter use of IT resources.