Earning the trust of so many retail IT organisations across Australia required a commitment to the unique requirements and demands of the retail industry.

Proactive IT Services for The Retail Industry

Competition in the retail industry at times can be brutal. And staying a good distance ahead of your competitors brings many challenges. Some of which centres on your Information Technology infrastructure which includes, information accessibility, security, stability and also redundancy. The ability of any retail organization to continuously adapt and meet the needs of an ever changing marketplace is absolutely essential. By utilizing our range of IT Support Services, retail businesses both large and small can meet and successfully overcome these frequent challenges. And continuously respond to the demands of the industry and most importantly, their customers.

Merchant Help Desk Services and User Support

With a retail store full of customers looking to quickly purchase products, downtime from point of sale terminal issues isn’t an option. The Grid provides a host of services that will help your business to maintain a higher level of security, stay connected to essential services to process transactions and also securely backup your data onsite and also offsite.

Hosted Network Device and Point Of Sale Endpoint Monitoring

To reduce the possibility of an outage caused by a lack of Internet access, we provide 24/7 proactive device and connection monitoring services. And in many situations, we can resolve connection and system problems before they have a chance to impact your business. Saving you and your customer’s unnecessary frustration.

Secure Offsite Backup Services

We can provide your retail business with secure offsite backup services that can be utilized in the event of an accidental file deletion, hardware failure or computer virus situation. Our services utilize 256 bit encryption during and after the transmission of your company data to our data centres. And your data is highly compressed before transmission to reduce the impact on your Internet bandwidth.

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