With a team of just 20 people – mostly working in our crack engineering team – we have built a successful business IT support organisation based on delighting our customers who stay with us and refer us to their friends and business associates.

At The Grid, our engineers will react quickly to your daily concerns and are dedicated to helping you improve productivity while reducing stress through the use of appropriate IT solutions. Our core belief at The Grid is that a healthy IT system is the foundation of a healthy business, and of all the IT support companies in Melbourne, we are confident that we would be the most committed to your success.

Focusing on businesses requiring between 20-250 users, we take a long-term interest in the IT health of the companies we serve. We also do not believe you require a large budget to expect outstanding support and we set the bar very high. Here are some benefits that companies experience when engaging us for IT support:

  • We focus on customer goals and outcomes
  • Less than 15 minute on average, response times via phone contact
  • We take the time to understand the nuances of the customers’ business
  • A culture of ongoing learning, improvement and transparency
  • Systems in place to develop and keep good people and provide a personal touch