We appreciate that the thought of a fixed price Support IT contract can be daunting. At The Grid we also offer pay as you go support contracts enabling you to remain flexible until the time is right to commit.

Our Pay as you Go IT Support Service is perfect for those emergency situations, installing new hardware or software or server migration. We operate on an hourly rate and can be used for any IT requirement you have, not just IT support.

At The Grid we are specialized in trouble shooting numerous IT issues over the phone and onsite visits including Virus and Malware removal, Internet Connectivity issues, System Updates, Help Desk services etc.

You can purchase a block of time to gain exclusive access to our highly qualified support team and get a reduction of the hourly rate or simply choose to use our very competitive hourly rate.

For more information or a bespoke quotation, do not hesitate to call.

Managed Office 365 Plans

As a business owner you face numerous challenges. Do more in less time,operate efficiently with limited budget, grow your business despite established competition – the list goes on, but working with disparate tools shouldn’t be on it. Your business deserves better solutions for better productivity.

Office 365 gives you all the familiar Microsoft Office applications with the flexibility of the cloud. With your office in the cloudicluding applications and files you can work from anywhere, at any time.

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 brings together the latest versions of Microsoft’s Office, as well as a variety of communication and collaboration tools such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online, to help meet your business needs. Best of all, these applications are based ona “per user per month model”, allowing you to purchase and deploy services as needed, while predicting monthly costs.

With a range of plans, deployment options and local 24/7 support, we have all your Office 365 needs fully covered. This means less time wasted on administrative IT tasks and more time for you to focus on your core business.

2. Cloud Solutions

Companies today absolutely depend on data to operate their businesses. It is critical that they back it up so that they are able to recover it if they need to.

With the rapid growth in structured and unstructured data that is taking place in organisations today, and the growing focus and attention of regulatory agencies on the area of data protection, the oldest and most performed activity in the IT space – backup and recovery – remains an essential and critical part of the IT offerings that are needed by organizations.

How we can work with you?

Our solution architects will assess your business requirements and ensure the right cloud service or blend of clouds, with the most effective configuration are chosen to meet your needs.


When we design and implement your cloud transition, we’ll use best practice tools and processes to minimise business risk, so that you can ensure peace of mind at every stage. As part of our service, we provide a dedicated project team and transitions manager who will provide you with a detailed step-by-step project plan.


Spend less time and effort on maintenance tasks and maximise the benefits of your cloud solution by leveraging our team of cloud experts to maintain the security and day to day operations of your infrastructure. Also to give you added peace of mind and visibility on your investment, we’ll provide you with analytics to gain insights into your cloud infrastructure.

3. IT Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, recovery speed is critical. Otherwise your customers suffer, your reputation suffers and your bottom line is damaged. IT disaster recovery means you have the ability to quickly restore business continuity. When a critical system is compromised, you don’t want to play fast and loose with its recovery. Expert support by disaster recovery professionals means managing and delivering continuous access to essential data, email and services to meet recovery objectives and deadlines.

IT Service Continuity

IT service continuity is the planning and management processes and procedures put in place to recover IT services if there’s a serious incident. It’s about much more than being reactive, although that’s important. It’s also about taking proactive measures to cut the risk of disasters in the first place.

It’s common knowledge that many disaster-hit businesses with a failed business continuity plan go out of business within a year and a half of the disaster. IT service continuity planning is vital, but unless your plan actually works it’s not worth much.

Your IT partner should prioritise the aspects of the businesses to be recovered using a Business Impact Analysis, then perform a risk analysis to pin down assets, threats, vulnerabilities and solutions. They’ll evaluate recovery options, provide a contingency plan, then test and review the plan regularly. Only then can you be totally sure you can recover your business quickly and efficiently if needs be.

Rapid Server Recovery

Reliable backup technologies are critical. Under ordinary circumstances the time needed to rebuild a server can run to several days, rarely good enough for a business that needs to perform continuously with minimal if any gaps or breaks.

Rapid server recovery is essential for business continuity, and the cloud is your best friend under these circumstances. Virtual Server Rapid Recovery means linking your production server, ideally well protected by an online backup service, to a standby restore-ready server in the cloud, secure and safe, ready whenever you are. It means you can quickly restore data and essential applications after a server outage, vital for your brand’s reputation and future business success.

Future-proof your systems, keeping them running smoothly and securely. Your computers will remain operational for longer periods of time, and you’ll avoid any unplanned or unnecessary downtime.
Business Email Continuity

Email downtime. It’s a nightmare. Email is absolutely vital for most businesses, and everyone suffers when your email goes down. So how do you achieve business email continuity?

You need support in the shape of uninterrupted access to live and historic email and attachments, and you’ll find it on the cloud. Using familiar tools like Outlook for Windows, the internet and various popular mobile applications, you get guaranteed access to your emails from anywhere, on any kind of device. And you can achieve it without spending a fortune on extra hardware and software.

4. Hosted IT Solutions

Why bother with complicated, expensive in-house systems when today’s hosted solutions are so affordable, easy to use, cost-effective, flexible, professional, safe, secure and efficient? Here’s the detail behind a collection of essential hosted solutions.

Hosted Backup

You don’t want to lose so much as a tiny fraction of the business critical data you store on a regular basis. That way disaster lies. But backing everything up the traditional way, using old-school external hard drives and tapes – takes time and focus. Worse still, your backup hardware can be corrupted through human error, fires, floods and theft.

You need hosted backup, where your data is kept safe in the cloud, off-site, protected in high-security data centres. Whether you want to back up multiple servers, PCs or Macs, you know for sure every bit of data, every system and every application can be securely recovered. Anything less leaves you vulnerable.

Hosted Desktop

What is a hosted desktop? It’s a simple way to access important files, data and applications wherever you are, from almost any internet connected machine, through a beautifully simple browser based login.

So what? So it means you can work almost anywhere, at any time, with instant access to everything you have on the machine at your desk. You reduce your IT costs too, making significant savings on buying and maintaining your own internal infrastructure. When your people have access to everything they need on the move, they can concentrate on doing business. There’s little or no capital outlay. Every scrap of data and every application is hosted in secure AU data centres, and backup protocols are second to none, including failover and security.

Hosted Email and Web Filtering

Hosted email and web filtering services use their on email servers, providing a premium service. The email provider manages everything, which means you don’t have to. And you can access your messages from more or less anywhere using either webmail, a smartphone or an email client. Best of all, hosted email means you don’t have any in-house email servers to maintain and manage.

A web filtering tool screens every incoming website page, checking the content against a set of rules you create yourself based on your business’ needs. It analyses online traffic to find elements you don’t necessary want inside your internal network to protect business security, avoid getting into legal trouble through inappropriate content and discourage people from wasting time online when they should be working.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is where a supplier makes a Microsoft e-mail box and space available on a server, where clients like you host their data. The hosted exchange provider manages the data for you, which means you don’t need to, saving time and hassle. The best services operate your email server so you don’t have to. Their infrastructure and systems mean they provide rich email, mobility, collaboration and messaging services, all under one roof, all secure and safe.

Leading Tech Mark, 9 year veteran doing his weekly onsite with Beacon Lighting a customer of 14 years.
Hosted Server

A hosted server is simply a server off premises, where you lease an entire server not shared with anyone else or pay for a share of a hosted server along with other businesses. Hosted server environments are perfect when you need the full range of security, safety, infrastructure and resources but you don’t want to maintain it all yourself. When you choose a dedicated hosted server, your data is ring-fenced and impregnable. And you can choose to either manage your own environment or find an expert to manage your private cloud for you.

Hosted Sharepoint

Hosted SharePoint can be as simple as cloud-based document storage and collaboration. But it can also provide entry-grade collaboration and revision control. When you combine it with a hosted exchange service, it’s remarkable easy to build a fully collaborative, wholly scalable productivity environment.

SharePoint documents can be checked out, edited then checked back in. And because every document has its own comments section, your team can communicate at document level. You access everything via an ordinary web browser, but the clever integration of SharePoint actually inside Microsoft Office applications means you can work on documents just as easily as you do on your regular desktop machine.

You can search documents, search revisions and store standard templates in the cloud, and they’re accessible online and offline.

5. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a range of key benefits that help enable the modern business

  • Hosting flexibility – Microsoft offers a unique level of flexibility to SMBs on how and where to host their applications, whether on servers or in the cloud. You can host apps on Microsoft Azure’s fully managed cloud infrastructure. This offers the benefits of fast deployment and no capital expense for server hardware. With Azure, you pay only for resources you use.
  • Scalable – you can scale applications up or down as needed to meet changing demand.
  • Remote Access – once applications are hosted in the cloud, it is easy to enable remote and mobile access for your employees, so the right people can get to the applications they need from anywhere.
  • Continuous Uptime – when it comes to protecting your data and making sure things stay up and running, you can have the peace of mind that your Azure-hosted applications will have continuous uptime with Azure’s 99.95% monthly SLA.
Microsoft Azure Backup

Microsoft Azure offers a range of key benefits that help enable the modern business

  • Recover data in case of disasters (server destroyed/stolen, disk crash)
  • Recover data in case of data loss scenarios such as data accidentally deleted, volume deleted, viruses
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Reduced cost for backup storage and management
  • Ideal for small businesses, branch offices, and departmental business needs
  • Efficient incremental backups
6. Amazon Web Services Storage Solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage solutions are designed to deliver secured, scalable, and durable storage for businesses looking to achieve efficiency and scalability within their backup and recovery environments, without the need for an on-premises infrastructure.

Amazon Simple Storage Service(Amazon S3) or Amazon Glacier.

Amazon S3 is a durable, secure, simple, and fast storage service designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. Use Amazon S3 if you need low latency or frequent access to your data. Use Amazon Glacier if low storage cost is paramount, and you do not require millisecond access to your data.

Amazon Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud storage service for data archiving and long-term backup. Customers can reliably store large or small amounts of data for as little as $0.005 per gigabyte per month, a significant savings compared to on-premises solutions. To keep costs low yet suitable for varying retrieval needs, Amazon Glacier provides three options for access to archives, from a few minutes to several hours.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is object storage with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. It is designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability, and scale past trillions of objects worldwide.

Customers use S3 as primary storage for cloud-native applications; as a bulk repository, or “data lake,” for analytics; as a target for backup & recovery and disaster recovery; and with serverless computing.

It’s simple to move large volumes of data into or out of Amazon S3 with Amazon’s cloud data migration options. Once data is stored in S3, it can be automatically tiered into lower cost, longer-term cloud storage classes like S3 Standard – Infrequent Access and Amazon Glacier for archiving.

7. Cyber Security

As threats to your IT systems take on new forms and methods, staying ahead of the game is the best way to safeguard your business. By taking security seriously, you don’t just minimise risk to your own business: you also do your duty to clients, keeping their data as secure as your own. Whatever your requirements, The Grid can help you to identify weaknesses and shore up your defence.

Safe and secure IT system

Ensuring your IT systems are secure from potential threats can be a complex and often daunting task, requiring specialist skills, time and resources that you might not already have within your IT team. Whichever solution you aim for, it will always need customising for your precise business needs, which can complicate the implementation process.

Common problems we hear from businesses include:
  • Lack of internal resources to manage IT security and threat aversion
  • Incomplete in-house knowledge to manage attacks, advanced malware or hacking
  • Processes and regulations not in place to manage employee risk to data, data theft or system-based data loss
  • Inability to find qualified people to manage IT security, despite being aware of its great importance
  • An evolving landscape of changing threats makes controlling IT security more difficult to manage in-house
The longer the downtime, the more money your business is losing. The Grid offers a quick way for your business to access an experienced IT professional, when you really need it.

The Grid’s IT Management has over 22 years’ experience of providing secure IT systems and platforms for business around Australia and around the globe. We understand that IT security is vital to the success of your business. Our services begin with a consultation to understand your risks and requirements, and then a full implementation plan is drawn up. After we install the solution, we provide the right level of monitoring, management and support to ensure your security is maintained.

IT security is crucial to your business success?

So what are the benefits of an IT Security solution? The Grid’s services can help businesses to achieve the following:

  • Supplement internal capabilities with a dedicated IT support team ready to step in whenever you require
  • Avoid in-house hardware maintenance with our fully hosted service
  • Stay at the cutting edge of IT security without any effort. We manage all software upgrades, threat databases and other evolving issues on your behalf
  • Expand your IT security with the natural growth of your business. All of our solutions are fully scalable
  • Allow your workforce to benefit from safe, secure and risk-free remote working whatever their device or location
  • Easier budgeting and administration with predictable monthly costs; no need to hire expensive contract staff

IT security can be broken down into various categories, each with their challenges. At The Grid, we can provide you with a layered approach to your IT security that will cover all your requirements, and ensuring you are protected against potential threats.

Email security for businesses

Ensuring your email servers are always accessible, and making sure they are safe from damaging threats is paramount to the everyday working of such a crucial business tool. We offer hosted off or on-site email services, high quality filtering and complete archive backup services. If you do experience any failures with your email platforms or servers, we also provide an emergency webmail service to ensure your business doesn’t suffer.

Network security for businesses

On-site or remote network access can have hidden dangers, so we recommend securing all your business traffic through a multi-site VPN service, that encrypts and packages data transfer to eliminate interception threats.

Reliable data backup is crucial to your success.

Is your data transfer between your employees, servers and cloud applications secure and free from threats? If you are concerned about this or the physical security of your own server, The Grid Vault Cloud – gives you a dedicated, secure server in a high-security data centre, without the hassle of managing your own physical servers.

Business continuity

Sometimes, you just can’t predict what can happen to your business. Make sure that you have a contingency plan, so that in the event of a disaster your business is fully protected. Our hosted solution removes any concerns about server maintenance in-house. The Grid’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Service is designed to protect your business, whatever the situation.

Mobile device management

Your company data can be leaking out of your organisation via the huge range of mobile devices that people use today. Do you know which mobile devices hold your company email, or whose iPads could be storing gigabytes of confidential company data? Do you know what to do when someone says, “Help! I’ve lost my iPad”? At the same time we want to use the latest mobile devices that enable us to work wherever we are, whenever we need. They are a vital part of the dynamism and speed of today’s business. Our challenge is to balance the need for mobile working against the need for security.

Get in touch today to see how we can help revolutionise your IT security program, as well as save you time and money.

A good managed service provider (MSP) can help any size business to control its IT equipment and infrastructure. But a great MSP can be a lifesaver for any business.
What benefits does it bring to your business?


Improved reliability and speed of recovery.


More secure method of transfer.

Reduce costs

Efficient management and reduced operating expenses.


Smarter use of IT resources.